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Best VPN for Dubai

Discover The Best VPN to Use When Living in Dubai

What is worse than being looked at strangely for enjoying an occasional pork chop? Also not being able to escape such open judgment in your favorite TV show or movie series. Heck, you cant even complain about it to folks back home because Dubai and indeed most of the United Arab Emirates ban such basic communication channels like WhatsApp and even Skype – the one tool even my mother knows about when it comes to requesting more updates about her grandkids and even great-grandkids. The bane of my existence if you ask me, but i am first to admit the use and utility Skype offer.

So now what? Forget about ever finishing your US or UK programs on Netflix and develop a taste for falafel? I think not!

Do yourself a favor and get a VPN. But you already knew that, why else would you be here – the one-stop-review-shop of the best VPN service Dubai has available and on offer. Thats right, finding a VPN that works in Dubai is no easy task thanks to governmental stance towards uncensored internet access and the distinct grey area VPN’s fall into at places throughout the country.

It is an important aspect i had to consider while reviewing the best VPN to use in Dubai. Legal standing and sufficient encryption suddenly became very important to me during my 3 year living experience in Dubai. Being safe was never really a thing my choice of VPN had to excel in before. My stay in Thailand and Australia sure did not warrant much worry about my personal security and well-being while sharing my kids pictures with the family on Skype.

So what VPN service Dubai allows?

There are a few to choose from but this is where your personal tolerance for encryption comes into play. Not every VPN that works in Dubai works the same way and for the same purposes. What is the best VPN for Dubai if streaming media is the name of the game? What is the best VPN to use in Dubai that allows for safe and uninterrupted downloading and file-sharing? These and many more Virtual Private Network software questions is what this site is dedicated to answer.

If you are an English speaking expat, whether from the UK, America, Australia or maybe even Canada, you will likely have your own TV shows back in your home country that you simply do not want to miss.

My personal expat experience in downloading movies and music, chatting with family care-free, streaming TV-shows from my UK Netflix account and many more things i prefer to keep private is my right as a human being, in my personal and very humble opinion. Freedom to watch what i damn well please in the privacy of my own time, thanks to the best VPN for Dubai that worked for me and my personal needs. You have yours, and that is ok, they can and will be catered for. Finding a VPN that works in Dubai is a breeze with a bit of Terry magic and few minutes of educated VPN choosing.

Think of your VPN software as your digital champion.

It stands between you and prying eyes, data-greedy mega corporations like Facebook and Google. It protects you from malicious invasion of privacy and phishing attacks. It secures safe channels of conversation and provides endless entertainment in your mutual journeys. The best VPN to use in Dubai is that bright ray of hope in the digital world so littered with censorship, external influence and armies of shady people who simply cant seem to mind their own damn business.

Avoid the frustration, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Forget about the “not available in your country” notifications when browsing YouTube for something so silly and innocent as Zippo lighter tricks. Don’t judge me, i was very bored during my first 6 months in Dubai. The transplanted culture simply did not tickle my fancy in this very expensive yet prestigious city. It took a bit of time for the charms of Dubai to take hold and i can honestly say that if not for my discovery of the best VPN for Dubai, i probably would not have had the strength to endure the transition process.

Using a VPN service in Dubai had literally made living there possible for me, and i expect that stands true for large number of expats in UAE. I know my personal experiences and recommendations helped a great deal of my friends and fellow expats, especially those from the US who were missing all the great TV series that America produces. Their recommendation and appreciation of my knowledge is what drove me to create this VPN reviewing project of mine.

I hope it will provide you with as much liberty and digital freedom as it did for me. Life would be so boring without pork chops, would it not?

Now let’s take a look at what VPN services are available in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

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