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Best VPN for France

So You are Looking for the Best VPN for France

Lo and behold you finally made it. Took your sweet time but better late than never, as they say. Welcome! You may keep your shoes on, this is a safe place, no need to scan for possible exit points in case I suddenly spring a credit card form on you. No worries, I will do no such thing.

I am an old man by most standards and relatively wise by a few others. Don’t let my giant head scare you away though, this is indeed a place for you to find the best VPN for France, just like you googled. It would be very easy of me to presume you know what you want then since you already searched for it. While easy it may be, I must also presume Harry from Human Resources didn’t quite explain why a VPN is a good idea or which one is considered the best VPN for France, let alone your personal needs.

Fear not, your prayers (and online searches) have been answered. This is my personal corner of internet freedom. A place I created after learning firsthand how limited the so-called World Wide Web really is. Well, it’s not really. It is being limited by data brokers, ham-fisted government rules and rather worrying levels of “I don’t give a crap” attitude from the general public.

So my access to the web is limited. Now what?

Harry from HR was on to something when he said you should get a VPN or a Virtual Private Network in other words. But which one is accepted as best VPN, France or any other country for that matter? See, this is where the consensus varies greatly. For many the fastest VPN is the best, they care little for things like encryption or anonymity. They just want to bypass those pesky geographically locked sites, like Netflix, France VPN friendly as it may be is still subject to the whims of large online service providers. If some suits in a cushy office decide that your favourite show from the UK is not available in France there is not much you can do about it, Netflix France, VPN or not, cares little for your personal preferences.

As far as they are concerned of course. With the best VPN France has to offer you can wave the annoying “This content is not available in your country” messages a hearty and permanent goodbye.

Yeah, whatever just give me the free one.

In wise words of Yoda, learn you still must. If only it was all that easy. Sure, go ahead and grab a free VPN, France and their online regulatory organizations will be very grateful. All that juicy data, shopping habits, social preferences packaged neatly and purchased directly from providers of free VPN, France is a country built on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and should not stand for these kind of practices.

VPN tailored for your needs.

This site will help you figure out what is it that you really want from a Virtual Private Network. What aspects of this very specialized and often complex software you require the most. More than that, it will also explain to you how to work with one in human language, without confusing crap you will never use.

Welcome. Tea and coffee are complimentary. Bring your own biscuits.

Below are the Best VPN France has to offer and are also my personal favourites