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Best VPN for Pakistan

What is the Best VPN for Pakistan?

Fundamental rights to freedom and the human right to voice opinion. For internet users in Pakistan, it was all swept away in an instant on 11th of August 2016. This is the day when the globally criticized PECB law was approved and moved into action. PECB or better known as the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill was a crime against freedom of speech and blatant example of social engineering and mass-censorship.

Just use a free proxy, Pakistan expats who think they know best will recommend. Yeah right, should I put my foot in a bear trap while I am at it? When it comes to a free proxy, Pakistan is not safe. Free is free and you get what you pay for. A lot of these “free” proxy services are being supported by the Pakistani government and offered to the public in a simple yet genius attempt to funnel clueless people towards hefty fines, jail time and in some cases even extortion.

What makes navigating the internet in Pakistan even more difficult is the simple fact that this PECB law is so vague and worded in such an ambiguous way, that you are probably breaking a dozen of its rules without even knowing it. Most just get away with it, but if you happen to be wealthy, influential, opinionated or simply an opponent to heavy-handed online laws – that makes you a potential target.

So what can unblock websites in Pakistan?

The best VPN for Pakistan, silly! But what qualifies as the best for YOU is up for debate. A debate this website is designed to help you solve.

This little corner of mine is dedicated to anonymity, freedom of speech and other basic human rights. The right to choose is one of the rights I feel are important to a modern way of life. This site will help you choose the best VPN for Pakistan, based on your needs. A solid VPN can do much more, than just unblock websites in Pakistan. So much more.

It can keep your data safe. Encryption and limited data logging mean that your bank card details, your private messages, and e-mails are yours and yours alone. Encrypted and secured, data you use and access is available only to you.

It allows you to side-step an argument that was never yours, to begin with. Just because the Pakistani government and culture frown upon certain types of online content, does not mean you, as a traveler have to suffer for it. Within Pakistan, VPN is a must if you visit adult or politically oriented content. The simple fact that both adult and political content is under the same blanket threat from PECB, should tell you all you need to know about internet ecosystem in Pakistan.

Convenience, ease of use and familiarity.

These are the three reasons most expats living in other countries prefer to use a VPN.

Convenience – They have grown used to being able to simply use the internet and not worry about where you are, what are you watching, writing, saying. The simple convenience of not having to worry is one of the cornerstones of VPN use.

Ease – Not everyone was born with a mouse in hand and a natural disposition to technology. This website will teach you how to use VPN with ease without cramming your head with abbreviations and terms like SHA-256, DNS, encryption protocols and other such nonsense. If you are the kind of person who cares not why his TV works, as long as it does, this site is for you. That said, if a spot of learning IS something you crave, you are bound to pick some info up anyway. It’s just that we won’t be forcing you to do a qualifying exam to use a Pakistan VPN, before we recommend you one.

Familiarity – Human being is a creature of habits and comfort. Combine the two and you get familiarity. The simple familiarity of your favorite online services following wherever you go is a blessing for every expat. After spending a day dodging street-vendors hawking rugs and suspicious-looking goat meat, it is a blessing to use your USA registered Netflix account and resume your annual binge-watching of The Office or Lost.

The right VPN is like your personal little private island of convenience, ease of use and familiarity. Bring your internet wherever you go.

See below for our recommendations so that you can unblock websites in Pakistan