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Best VPN Singapore

Discover The Best VPN For Singapore

For many expats, Singapore is an obvious choice of living location. Its relative proximity to Hong Kong and Australia only bolsters its image as a business metropolis. Americans, Australians, British and other members of western culture favour Singapore due to its level of sophistication, advances in technology, business acumen and general ease of getting used to Singaporean life. Much like South Korea, Singapore is usually head and shoulders ahead in most disciplines when compared to its most immediate neighbours.

This comparison is very harsh to them, however, Singapore is a city-state after all. Its tiny relative size gives it many advantages on the larger geopolitical scene of South East Asia.
I usually try to avoid politics. Not my personal cup of tea. While I do not participate in political events, I prefer to be informed anyway. That sentiment can be distilled in the basic dislike of censorship and a lifelong passion for freedom of speech.

Singapore is infamous for its heavy-handed censorship of individual free speech. Since 1996 Singapore Broadcasting Authority and Singapore Media Development Authority has been actively combing personal blogs, social networks and websites for content that is “objectionable on the grounds of public interest, public morality, public order, public security, national harmony, or is otherwise prohibited by applicable Singapore laws”. So it is wise to use the best VPN Singapore has to offer to ensure your online content is safe. You can use a paid or a free VPN in Singapore.

I have no problem adhering to applicable Singapore laws, but what constitutes as being immoral, objectionable or publicly disturbing I will decide for myself, thank you very much. That is not going to be decided for me by some random government official that has no clue what those words even mean.
So how does one speak their mind in a land where people have no voices?

Why do I need VPN software?

This is where good VPN that works in Singapore come in handy. There are many uses of Virtual Private Networks, but if I had to choose one that they all share in varying levels of effectiveness – being anonymous would be it.

Just being able to anonymously access and engage in the unfiltered news is enough to get a VPN but many opt to choose their VPN on different strengths. Speed, encryption, server variety being just a few.

Streaming speeds in Singapore are some of the highest in all of Southeast Asia. There are many VPN products that claim to be the fastest VPN Singapore has to offer. Which helps if you are trying to access servers on the other side of the globe, but matters little when using local Asian network. For those people fastest VPN in Singapore matters very little. Internet infrastructure here is advanced yet managed in a very outdated and archaic way.

Watching your favourite TV shows is a must when living abroad, especially Netflix. VPN Singapore for Netflix and a lot of similar services prevents you from being limited based on your geographical location. That means, any time you are not in the US, your US Netflix library is unavailable. Appearing in a different geographical location is yet another feature the best VPN Singapore can offer, will allow you to do. There will be many of those that don’t use Netflix, VPN in Singapore for them may not be necessary until they wish to keep their location anonymous.

Sweet, so which is the best one?

Hold your horses. That question is very subjective and depends on your personal preferences and intended use of the VPN software. This website will help you narrow that down – hassle-free, VPN Singapore expats can put to use most effectively.

There are plenty of free VPN Singapore residents could put to use, but if there is one thing I have learned in my travels, its that you get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, you will get nothing. Nothing that works as intended anyway. Security flaws, service cut-outs and avalanche of ads being some of the biggest issues I’ve been met with, while using free software.

Avoid pitfalls of shoddy software, with my help you too can find the best VPN Singapore has to offer.

Below is a list of the best VPN’s that I recommend for Singapore!