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Steer Clear of Cybercrime By Using a VPN Italia

Protect yourself against cybercrime with an Italia VPN

Staying safe while browsing the web is something that a lot of Italians are aware of but are not doing enough of. According to a news article by The Next Web, Italians are very poor at password management. This can result in hacking, identity theft, and even surveillance. If you’re not careful, you could fall into cybercriminal traps. Online safety campaigns are being initiated by the Italian government but you can do your part by educating yourself. One of the best things you can do is to get a VPN Italia.

My name is Terry and I’m a UK native and a certified expat. I’m passionate about online safety and internet freedom. It pushed me to create this website dedicated to helping expats from all around the world to freely use the internet. My work requires me to travel abroad a lot, so I’ve experienced how different countries have varying cyber laws. I’ve been to countries where the internet is monopolized and monitored. I’ve also been to countries where there were virtually no restrictions.

My website contains plenty of resources that expats can use for their online safety. I have detailed articles for many countries that include their internet freedom status, restrictions, and laws. These articles also provide helpful solutions and VPN Italia recommendations, as well as special deals for my readers.

Theft is unavoidable no matter where you are in the world. And today’s digital age has made it possible for thieves to operate online as well. Identity theft and hacking is no joke, so if you’re in Italy, I highly recommend using a VPN Italia. It’s your best protection against cybercrime no matter which country you’re in. If you don’t know what an Italia VPN is or how it works, don’t worry because I’ll discuss it in this article.

What a VPN is and how it works

In its conception, a virtual private network, or commonly known as VPN, was used by companies so employees can work securely from their homes. It allowed the employees to connect to the company’s network despite being physically away from the office. Plus, it’s safe and secure so nobody can hack into it and steal important files. Over the years, it has been developed to have more features for other purposes. It’s also sold commercially so anyone can use it now.

How exactly does a VPN Italia keep you safe? It creates an encrypted virtual tunnel between your computer and the VPN server where your traffic passes through. This encryption is so strong that nothing, not even the VPN Italia service itself, can decrypt it. It’s the same encryption that banks use, so if they trust this encryption to keep money safe, I can guarantee that it can keep your data safe as well.

Hide your Italian IP address

Just like a country’s borders, there are certain websites that restrict or filter their content based on your IP address. Your IP address is like your computer’s mailing address which also identifies your location and internet service provider. Some websites don’t want users with an Italy IP address to access their content, so they will block you. Others will tailor their content based on your location. You might see different content because of your Italy IP address from users with a U.S. or German IP address.

To be able to access geo-restricted websites, you can use a VPN Italia. It temporarily assigns you a different IP address whenever you connect to a server from a different country. For example, if you want to access a U.S.-only website, you can connect to a server located in the U.S. Your Italian IP address will be changed to a U.S. IP address. You will then be able to access geo-restricted websites.

Hiding your Italian IP address will also keep you safe whenever you’re torrenting. People can easily trace, hack, or snoop on you if you’re virtually unprotected.  Some countries don’t approve of torrenting, so hiding your Italy IP address and using another one will keep you anonymous.

Access different entertainment libraries

One of the feedbacks I keep hearing from Netflix users is the difference in each country’s libraries. U.S. Netflix is definitely better than Italy. That sounds quite unfair considering that you’re basically paying for the same subscription. But you can solve this problem by using a VPN Italia.

Streaming websites often tailor their libraries based on your location. And they do that with the help of your — you guessed it — Italy IP address. If you want to access the U.S. library of Netflix, all you have to do is trick the website into thinking that your IP address is from another country. This is called geo-spoofing.

This is very easy to do. Simply connect to a server within the country of your choice. Connecting to a U.S. server will allow you to access entertainment libraries there and the same goes for other countries. And this doesn’t just work with Netflix, but for other streaming services as well! You can now watch live sports telecasts, pageants, events, and anything else with a VPN Italia.

Protect yourself from unsecured networks

Connecting to the internet while traveling nowadays has become very convenient. Wherever you go, there are Wi-Fi networks in hotels, coffee shops, malls, and other establishments. However, most of these Wi-Fi networks are unsecured (accessible without having to use a password). And where there is an unsecured network, there is also a prowler waiting to hack you through the public Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, an Italia VPN will keep you safe whenever you connect to public Wi-Fi. Just as I have explained earlier, your traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel. It’s virtually impossible to decrypt so absolutely no one can read it. Just make sure that you’re connected to the VPN before you open your browser so you can still enjoy public Wi-Fi without worrying about hacking or attacks. It will also hide your Italian IP address so users who are also connected to the Wi-Fi network won’t be able to see it.

These are the best Italia VPN for protecting your data

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